Message from the Principal

MessageFromThePrincipal3Our school is located at the edge of inner city Melbourne, in the northern suburb of Northcote and was first established in 1874, high up on what is locally known as Ruckers Hill. The school buildings retain the original Victorian and later Edwardian heritage style of brick buildings.

Extensive internal refurbishments to original classrooms have created modern, flexible learning spaces in all areas. This has provided the environment to transform the teaching and learning practices to contemporary collaborative teaching (teacher teaming). This approach capitalises on the collective strengths of teams of teachers to meet the needs of all students. In 2016, there were 374 students enrolled with four Mod 5 relocatable classrooms located on land adjacent to the school, accommodating our year 5/6s. Synthetic turf for general play and basketball has enhanced the open play spaces. Extensive landscaping and attractive signage have improved the main entrances to the school.

Northcote Primary School is known for its strong sense of community connectedness, and Northcote Primary School has this in spades. Over our 140 year history the school has evolved into a place where community matters and where our students continue to achieve academically. We are proud of our consistent teaching and learning and the high standards we set for our staff and students. We are a welcoming school community. Strong relationships are the hallmark of our school – among students, parents, and staff and within the Northcote community.

The school purpose is: We are here to help children to become literate and numerate and prepare them for life. The core values of the school are: Creativity, Respect and Community. The value of Creativity is defined by the school community as: stimulating curiosity and exploration as well as providing opportunities for choice, discovery and creative self-expression. Respect means accepting and valuing ourselves and others and demonstrating this in our behaviour; and Community at Northcote Primary School means welcoming students, staff, families and friends by promoting a sense of belonging and sharing in our school. These values underpin a school environment and atmosphere where safety, caring attitudes, quality respectful relationships, consultative decision-making, and high educational standards are encouraged.

We have an enthusiastic and professional staff team and the school has a strong focus on teacher development. The overall socio-economic profile based on the Student Family Occupation and Education Index which takes into account parents’ occupations and level of Education places the school in the ‘high’ range. The percentage of students with English as an Additional Language in 2016 was at 6% and the percentage of disadvantaged students was at 7%.

Students are provided with a wide range of personal, academic and practical experiences. Northcote Primary School is committed to ensuring that improved student learning is the highest priority. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive learning program based on the Victorian Curriculum with specialist programs in the Arts, Physical Education, and Italian Language. By focusing on the aptitude and interests of each individual student, the school provides a learning environment which ensures students have every opportunity to reach their potential.

We strive to build and maintain a community of learners – students, parents and staff – learning, working and sharing together. We recognise the importance of equipping students with skills and abilities to achieve socially, academically and emotionally in today’s changing world. Students who feel safe, challenged and supported by a positive school environment are able to aspire to be the best they can.