Our Story


Northcote is known for its strong sense of community connectedness, and Northcote Primary School has this in spades.

Over our 135 year history the school has evolved into a place where community matters and where our students continue to achieve academically. We are proud of our consistent teaching and learning and the high standards we set for our staff and students.

At our school we celebrate the individual. Our students are highly engaged. They are motivated and happy to be here. Every day our students show how much they care for each other – in both the classroom and the playground.

Northcote Primary School students come ready to learn and leave ready for the next adventure. They are encouraged and equipped to solve life’s challenges, which we know is a vital skill.

We are a welcoming school community. Strong relationships are a hallmark of our school – among students, parents, staff and within the Northcote community.

As a school we are doing lots of great work and we are always challenging ourselves to keep improving. We need to pause from time to time to reflect on our achievements and remember what makes Northcote Primary such a special place.

Our staff, School Council and broader school community are working together to support our students on their learning journey. We encourage parents to lend a hand and to continue to get actively involved in Northcote Primary School.